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Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

Azure Lion

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will the infantry use different shooting posistions,ie,kneeling,standing.i think that would be a good addition other than always prone,in which 90% of the time you can see a thing.how about a patrol mode where inf patrol a point swalking or sentry mode where the stand a a check point?just a thought.:biggrin:

Well rocks in rivers is nice eye candy.

Infantry in different postures probably has more training value....

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Nice Idea, but what about this:

But are you referring to the ability to have vehicle move in "admin" mode with the turret at 6 o'clock (or perhaps even a withdraw function where vehicles continue to cover their arcs while moving best speed to the rear - as opposed to the current tactical "retreat" route where the vehicle reverses and at some point turns around and drives away)?

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Guys... stop poking fun at him. It's clearly a photoshopped image, and slightly blasphemic I might add.

Tanks can't drive over water. They would sink.

Not a photoshopped image. There is a cement path that joins the 2 dirty roads and some times the water raises to much over that path during rain periods. The steel beams on left and right side marks the path.

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Looks like all those Euro bail outs are affecting Germany's Defense Budget.

Your looking at the "New" "Schnorkel" Class submarine. :)

(Only works in coastal waters)

I'll go sit in the corner now......:redface:

What it reminded me was of a picture of the raising of the Kaiser's high sea fleet by Cox & Danks back in 1926 at Scapa Flow


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Some understand, some don´t.

What I want is a new "Water Model" !

We have some vehicle that swim (M113; BMP Series aso..) but we don´t have Tanks that can wade a River. All German and Russian Tanks can wade Rivers up to a deep of 4,5 Meters. Abrams can do 1,21 Meter :-( Chally can do ????

We should do something with all Water Obstacles (Water 1m;2M,3M wide) you find in the Road Menu, that´s crap.

The Riversides are to rough, we need it smoother.....

Next is the "deep to wide" ratio of the "Rivers", not all Rivers that are 4 Meters wide are 4 Meters deep !

AND we need Leo 1 with cast Turrets ;-=

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