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Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

Azure Lion

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This was discussed in a different thread, but I too would like to have the AI call artillery strikes against "single" units as well.

I was controlling a detached co and couldn't figure out why it wasn't raining artillery @ certain points in a personal sce.

Well now I know....  Could be a bit of a cheat when playing a multi player co-op sce......




My thought is perhaps to make the AI FO call conditional, as in- call artillery if "this" unit can see > x amount of enemy units "anywhere"

that way sce designers could set the threshold based on mission/training intent.


So what do ya know, under "Set fire ctrl" there already exists "open fire if".  So by naming the "FO" in the on map artillery units "set fire ctrl" condition as mentioned above I have produced

the results I was after, calling fire missions on a single or group of single "detached " units


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Adding findings to my own question.
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It's probably already been asked for many times, but I'd like the ability for the vehicle commander to get out of the vehicle, take a pair of binoculars and go and take a look at what's on the other side of the hill without having to crest it with the turret of the vehicle.  I have no idea if that's doctrinally accurate - I'd just like to be able to do it.

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1 hour ago, Apocalypse 31 said:



3d weapon with crosshair. I would gladly take this, also. 

Well for me even the 3D weapon would be optional...as long as the virtual grunts shoot what I want where I want and when I want.

Not like the current state of the AT weapons. You are allowed to choose "shot at unit"...and then the AT-gunner will shoot when he feels like it. Drives me nuts


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58 minutes ago, Grenny said:

Well for me even the 3D weapon would be optional...as long as the virtual grunts shoot what I want where I want and when I want.

Not like the current state of the AT weapons. You are allowed to choose "shot at unit"...and then the AT-gunner will shoot when he feels like it. Drives me nuts




Ghost Recon 1. no weapon. just a reticule. It worked well there. 

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OK, I'm hoping that, programming-wise, this is not too big an ask and might be valuable to military customers.


I'd like to see artillery in the off map support menu made more varied in type and effects. This is a Western-centric suggestion by a non professional. Some of these settings would be selectable by FO and others in mission editor.


Basic calibres: 60mm, 81/82mm and 120mm mortar and 105mm. 122mm, 152mm and 155mm tube artillery.

Rates of fire: Fast (but limited duration), Fast autoloader (also limited duration), standard, H&I.

Projectiles: Mortar: HE-FRAG, Prefragmented HE-FRAG, Smoke (bursting WP)

Projectiles: Tube arty: HE-FRAG, Prefragmented HE-FRAG, Smoke (as already implemented) and for 105, 122, 152 and 155 DPICM and 152 and 155 FASCAM

Additional rockets for GMLRS: Conventional unitary warhead and Alternative Warhead. Ability to fire any number of rockets within the capacity of available launchers, from single rounds upwards.

Fusing options: Mortar, Tube artillery and rocket: High airburst, low airburst, combination of low airburst and instantaneous (except GMLRS) , instantaneous, fractional delay 

Accuracy levels: Mortar: Standard (and GPS/INS, plus degraded INS only* for 120mm)

Accuracy levels: Tube arty Standard, plus for 105 and 155mm PGK and Excalibur level GPS/INS and degraded INS only.

Accuracy level: GMLRS  GPS/INS or degraded, INS only.

Aircraft bomb. 250, 500, 1000 and 2000lb class GP, 500lb inert and focused lethality. MOAB.

Number of bombs: Selectable from 1 to 10 per aimpoint, up to 80* aimpoints per attack for GPS/INS only.

Fusing: Aircraft Bomb:   High airburst, low airburst, instantaneous, fractional delay

Accuracy: Laser designated (by launch aircraft or buddy aircraft), GPS/INS, standard. MOAB GPS.INS only.


Fire mission types: HE, HE and Smoke, Smoke, DPICM, FASCAM


Also I'd like to see an "Immediate suppression" order that just overrides all of the above to put HE ground and airburst down on the target in a 200x200 metre box rapidly.


*Not sure how this would work out as it is unlikely the observer would always know their own exact location by triangulation etc. Also GPS jamming/spoofing isn't modelled in the rest of the game, but it could still help to train FOs in a potential degraded GPS environment.  I realise there are also issues around GPS accuracy dependent on DGPS local ground station availability etc. - it's a complex thing that I don't even pretend to understand.


*A B-2A can carry 80 GBU-54s - the B-1B 84 500lb class weapons but I'm not sure if the 28 carry modules are wired for GBU-54.



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I'm sorry for wishing too much:


I'd like to add these two items to my wish list:


3- Extra Wide Formation Spacing.

8- Adjustable map relief scale = Adjustable Min/Max altitude/grey gradient


And an updated version of my all wishes:

1- Map Import Tool

2- Import shapefile/data/metadata from Pro PE Map Editor

4- Playable T-90 (A, MS)

5- Playable Challenger 1

6- Earlier Leopard 1 FCS, Optical Range Finder, Infrared Search Lights, Low light image intensifiers, etc.

7- Formation Editor


9- Protractor

10- WW2 Tank Warfare

11- VR

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2 hours ago, Parachuteprone said:

I would like a little AI only OPFOR patch. Right now we just have Russian equipment.




Anything can be OPFOR equipment. You can have M1s vs Leopards or whatever you desire.


In fact you can play Russians as Blue and have NATO as OPFOR, if you create the scenario that way.


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