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Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

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Long time without posting, and suppose already said, but for me are important:


1. More axis freedom in trackir motion (possible vr in future? but I don't see the VR too much as in this sim we are a good ammount of time in the map)

2. Hotkey assignation to grouping units. That way I can select them fast with hotkeys as the RTS games do. It was discussed that there is a method to group in SB but I didn't like it so much the way it is done.

3. Lights! Normal visual ones, and IR Lights! Of course visible from long distance.

4. I wish we could use a AWSD method to use the infantery in first person view with right mouse button aiming, as any FPS game. I know this is not a FPS game. 

5. More campaigns. I liked the China Farm one, but I need more!

6. And the impossible to make. Reduce the price of the full PE to 50% of it forever. I know.. it is impossible. But maybe you sell the double and make the profit, and I could play with more  poeple that they don't buy because the "expensive" price.


I understand the "NOs" to all of them from the developer, but those are my wishlist to make this good sim, a great one.

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WRT #6, I present you the one-year license at $39.50.

For all I can say, the suggestion that price reductions will be overmatched by an increase in sales is not supported by observable sales reactions whenever we put Steel Beasts on offer. Also, given that a $125.- classic license usually sells for $80.- on eBay (thanks to CodeMeter), the effective price is $45.-

In short, if you want high quality simulations from independent developers that are being supported for decades, you have to be ready to support the required price structure.


WRT #5, make one. :)

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Another game with infantry polishing their nails instead of doing soemthing against an OPFOR tank...we need manual control of AT weapons!!




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Mission Debugger - Duplicate IDs add a "go to" or "select" button.


I've just spent over an hour scouring the map trying to find the nominated units that apparently have Duplicate IDs.


A visual check could find them so I just deleted everything and started again.


Also it only appears to generate results when you do a test run of the scenario, not just by opening the scenario in the Mission Editor as Volcano's post suggests (i.e. there is no mention of hitting the "test" button prior to step 2).


Edited by Gibsonm

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