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Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

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23 minutes ago, jstpasnthru said:

Also, it would be nice to be presented with a table at the end of the battle showing what each unit killed, instead of having to gather that info by watching the entire replay.


But this is still the best military game out there!


You may not be aware but there is a Report file (see page 145 of the Manual).


For me they are stored here: C:\Users\mark\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\reports


A screenshot of part of it (I've attached a full copy):




CG20 Operation Dagger v2 for 4.162.sce_33_07-30-20_19_23_06.htm


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7 hours ago, jstpasnthru said:

Units don't "talk" to each other as they do in real life.  You attack one AI platoon and the rest of its company just sits there like everything is fine.  There is no reaction.  The same with your own units when they are attacked or see enemy units.  Nor do they "hear" and react to nearby combat.


Behavior like that can be scripted in the mission editor. For example: you can have Unit A move to Unit B's position if Unit B's number drops too low. It can take a lot of time, so many scenario designers limit how much scripting they do. But the mission editor is very powerful - and a well scripted mission can surprise you.

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