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Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

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On 4/3/2021 at 11:58 AM, Lumituisku said:

I wish that those infantry members bodies on the map that could be necromanced to life to be marked on different clolor..  like perhaps red dots instead of gray

I like this.


Different colors for "Dead vs Incapacitated" - much like Combat Mission


The only challenge would be that individual medical teams have different skill settings and the ability to revive. 


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Well, we don't differentiate between injured and dead; they're all "incapacitated". Aside from this technicality in data structures (which is not entirely trivial to change),

1) You can't diagnose from a distance how bad an injury is. You always need a (para)medic up close.

2) Revival chance depends on the skill set of the medic, both IRL and in Steel Beasts. Where one medic fails, the better one might succeed.


So, this is one of the rare cases where I'm skeptical whether this is a brilliant idea.

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1 hour ago, Ssnake said:

1) You can't diagnose from a distance how bad an injury is. You always need a (para)medic up close.

But a wounded squad-mate or nearby unit could send a MiST* report via the radio? It's no different than a unit identifying the exact dimensions of an in-game minefield. 


I could probably point out a dozen abstractions currently in game. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with abstraction, but it's super frustrating when a developer picks and chooses. 


* - MIST

M – Mechanism of injury

I – Type of Injury 

S – Signs (pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate)

T – Treatment provided

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Feature creep: Within three or four posts we're no longer talking about remote-sense necromancy but at least a rudimentary system of injury and treatment simulation.

Be careful what you wish for: That's dangerously close to the whole treatment chain from pinching a severed artery to calling the medic for stabilization, medevac chain, and treatment in a field hospital, then rehab.

At the end of the day this would not bring back a single soldier during a typical game session as treatment would take hours in the most optimistic case, and months in the majority of severe cases. Which brings us back to the original question - why bother with it in the first place, in a simulation like Steel Beasts. The medical treatment chain is an operational and strategic simulation aspect. On the tactical level, it's nothing but a logistical burden (if we ignore the humanitarian and psychological aspects for the moment ... because if not, then we'd also need a non-primitive simulation of human psychology where the will to fight plummets if the player doesn't take care of the wounded.


This is a huge can of worms. Be very careful what you wish for. This has the potential to spiral out of control very quickly and absorb a lot of development capacity for very little gain.

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I see... I wonder if there could be possibility for red dods on bodies still moving ( pleading aid) as such would be noticable. Of course. With rare change of even other colored ones to be brought life. I dunno. I have feel that i don't like this can of worms after what SSnake said. 


Is there btw diminishing time on change of revival? Or is it reasonable to visit every corpse after hours of gameplay? 


I also noticed odd thing that when on first person you didn't see revival process starting. But a sketchy message flashing on text field that is easy to miss.  On F8 i did see animation for   necromancy to start. So... I dunno possible bug there? 


anyways. How about... That unknown is gray and bead are black?  Or something like that? And visiting medic would quicker turn dots black or something? I suppose it would need some time for diagnosis too.


It's like this. I as player or commander of force want some feedback of where to send my asset ( the medic)


Thought.. as SSnake said... This is can of worms. Perhaps this is something we shouldn't wish for. So many... Things to eat future recourses. And as I'm thinking this..  i suppose current system is "good enough" for sim purposes. Though i suppose in this case I'd like to know how I can route my medic over casualty area so that corpses could get necromanced if such is possible so that i as player wouldn't feel need to observe it constantly. That i could trust thing to happen properly? Perhaps that would be another idea for tutorial video at very least? :)

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1 hour ago, Lumituisku said:

Perhaps this is something we shouldn't wish for

I've learned to just not wish anymore. And I'm not sure why I even bother posting here- to include this post. 


Every new wish is stifled with ridiculous overcomplicated responses. 

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If you want to see it negatively, I can't stop you. I could of course follow the default mode of other developers and say "we're on it, 14 days" to any suggestion made. Instead I'm explaining why from our perspective it's not so easy. Feel free to skip my attempts at open, honest, and meaningful responses. I'll keep it that way for everybody else, though.

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5 hours ago, Lumituisku said:

I see... I wonder if there could be possibility for red dods on bodies still moving ( pleading aid) as such would be noticable.

Like I wrote, due to current data structures that would be "everyone" on the ground. A soldier that has been hit simply has the status "no longer participating in combat" with no statement about the severity of the situation.

Make of that what you will, whether they're all tough cookies that sustain a number of minor injuries until they are so serious that they simply can't anymore, or sniveling whiners that quit on the first opportunity. ;)

5 hours ago, Lumituisku said:

Is there btw diminishing time on change of revival?


Maybe there should. Maybe we should break incapacitation into subcategories like "light, walking", "light, stretcher", "severe, stable", and "severe, diminishing" where the severe cases need treatment within an hour, and only the light cases could be brought back to "combat ready" by medics. But then the immediate next question would be, should these be combat ready in some diminished status (reduced running speed, carry capacity, less accurate in their fire, should there be a flag that they already are wounded so that subsequent injuries count more).

The more pressing question to me is though, what kind of incentive can we create that rewards the player for dividing his attention to the treatment of the cases that can't be brought back to combat status. A pat on the back in the AAR?

From a "gaming efficiency" point of view it's difficult to be both realistic, keeping it simple, and creating a game rules based motivation in the player that it's worth it. If all that you do is to spend effort in saving lives in a highly abstract way, then why bother with it at all? This only makes sense if you fight a years-long war campaign and saving the injured keeps the motivation on your side high (or not, if you fail to do it). Steel Beasts isn't about simulating these aspects.

The current system is primitive, but it also offers an immediate reward if you send the platoon medic to casualties, because there's a chance that you get your men back. That's the incentive for the player to give it a shot. Every grey-red dot is a candidate for revival. If you have an elite medic, half of them can be brought back into the fight.

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So I am trying to instruct a new player with Steelbeast and it isn't as easy as he want's to use x-box controller.


And during the struggle he pointed out that it would be very helpful if there would be  filter keyboard commands tab by position   like  gunner / commander / driver / infantry   and I agree with that.  

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