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1 hour ago, Gibsonm said:


You can set the languages for a scenario so that UK vehicle crews use UK fire control orders, etc.

Oh I didn't know that. So does that mean, when I have two allied forces, I can have one use (for example) German voices and the other one US voices?

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Yes, it's a global setting.


You'd go to Options... Languages and pick the desired language (after making sure that picking a different language doesn't overwrite the menu text by replacing all the pstrings.txt files). Then you start a scenario where you know that you want, e.g., German voices. It may be a bit cumbersome if you switch languages often, but that's what you can do at the moment rather than doing nothing at all.

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Would be nice to get a reload rate to "Unlimited ammunition"



Main gun -> needs to be reloaded in order to fire it.  It just has unlimited rack of ammunition.   

All others are endless... and you can keep spamming endlessly.


As I vision it... 

Smokes / Grenades-> Some kind of reload rate to smokes and grenades would be nice. Even if there would be ghostly loader putting smoke / grenade charges in place in that slow rate constantly.   but same idea..  supply of those would be unlimited. But you couldn't just keep "Tapping" endlessly for grenades or smokes.

50 cal ->  has small belt. I think it is necessary to learn reload belt. Even if supply would be endless.  Though this could be exception in some cases. Even when I think it would be more consistent if one should change belt every so often.  

Coax -> especially on light machine gun it would make sense to change belt every so often. Even when there would be endless stock of belts.  On tank..  loading machine gun takes very long time..   so on that I think it would be reasonable to have one endless belt.   Or perhaps similar belt change time as on light machine gun.


Missiles -> Is part I didn't think about...  How about that one would have to wait a small time before being able to fire.  Similar to smokes..  where there would be someone quick to load a new missile in place right after firing without anyone issuing a reload.  


This would be considerable change in game.. and I am not sure what people would think about it.  The way how I see it...   is that it would make endless training possible without fear of running out.  / and would take away cheaty childhis aspect.  Basically.. encouraging concern of how to and when to use assets, and yet giving possibility of keep going on and on...   with the training.  For example.. Learning to use missiles..  (that are usually limited stock)  or How to tactically use smokes with consideration..  but not in spamming way.

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On 9/28/2022 at 12:56 AM, Lumituisku said:

This would be considerable change in game.. and I am not sure what people would think about it.  The way how I see it...   is that it would make endless training possible without fear of running out.  / and would take away cheaty childhis aspect.


Personally I think its terrible, and I use the product for training.


Part of the "Training" aspects is knowing that a belt of 0.50" is 100 rounds (and knowing to look after your ammunition and the need to reload, as well as learning the drills etc. associated with reloading), or that the MBSGDs are outside the fighting compartment and someone needs to "go outside" to reload them.


There is no point to Train people for the environment you propose when its nothing like reality.


If you want some sort of "arcade" mode then fine, but please don't suggest it as an improvement to training (unless you are training my potential opponents of course).


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The ability to "spawn  if ..." AVLB spans (and perhaps other items).


My specific case is a scenario that shares a map with series of others (I want to avoid creating a "delta" just for this one bridge).


The bridge is blown at the end of the earlier scenario.


At the start of the current scenario some time has passed so while the bridge was blown, an AVLB has bridged the gap.


Currently I can blow the bridge at mission start (courtesy of some scripted IEDs.).


I can also place the AVLB segment in the Mission Editor.


However if the AVLB is placed on the intact bridge and then the bridge is blown, the AVLB segment is destroyed too.


This change would allow me (when supported by suitable notes in the briefing) to:


1. Blow the bridge at say mission time > 0:00


2. Spawn the AVLB at say mission time > 1:00


3. The player could then proceed.


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13 hours ago, Ssnake said:

Lay the bridge manually, then save the mission in progress before other units start moving?

(I understand what you really want (bug #11290), but maybe this helps right now).


Ah OK.


What I'll try is:


1. Run the mission for 60 sec.


2. Save as ...


3. Edit the saved mission to add the bridge in the editor to the now dropped bridge.


4. Use that going forward as "the" mission.


This approach may have applications going forward with other missions where IEDs create fires, demolish buildings, bridges etc. and the Player doesn't need to be confronted by 20+ IEDs going off nearby / behind them and risking damage to units just to "set the scene".


I look forward to #11290 being resolved though in due course.


Edited by Gibsonm
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Does that mean we can request M1A2C or Sep V3 for the next upgrade especially now that its so proliferated (Australia, Polen, Kuwait, Taiwan, and US) all the non US of course without the depleted uranium layers in armor.
with the M1147 advanced multi-purpose (AMP) rounds


Also can we have the K2 and K2PL as these will be one of the most used Tanks in NATO in the near future as both Polen and Turkey (Atlay Turkish K2 variant) plans to acquire around a 1000 each (and Maybe Norway as well)



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33 minutes ago, Rad said:

This telescope has a larger lens and it gives target designation.

Well, first of all there not enough information on LRAS3 in public domain to accurately simulate it. And JIM-LR is sufficiently good stand-in, since LRAS3 is just a more than 2 decades old thermal imager with far target location function.

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M30A1 rockets with Alternative Warhead (AW). Range: 15–92 km (9.3–57.2 mi). GMLRS rocket that replaces the M30's submunitions with approximately 182,000 pre-formed tungsten fragments for area effects without unexploded ordnance. Entered production in 2015. This warhead is superior not just because it doesn't use cluster munitions but is also superior to a normal high explosive round: "A high explosive round is very impressive because it produces a big bomb and large pieces of shrapnel, but this round is small pellets and covers a much larger area."



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