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Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

Azure Lion

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Yes, absolutely. Please stay in the present. Arma 3 is bringing some amazing improvements over Arma 2, but I was disappointed by the futuristic setting. Using things that actually exist in a sim is so much more interresting.

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the ability to lasso a group of vechs and give them a route order,and they all obey it.or the ability to save a group or task force ect b4 or during game play by hitting say for examplealt f1 and that group is saved,then by pressing the corrsponding number you can issue the commands enmasse.

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I'm not sure if we can have THAT large numbers of civilian pedestrians on grandstands. This may require extensive behavioral routine modifications, and it seems to me that grandstands have come out of fashion in combat zones since the opening of the American Civil War anyway, so their placement would be ahistorical.

Another question is to which extent it would be desirable that civilians would automatically "dock" with such an object, performance considerations with such a large group of characters (and such a high density) ... in short, it's NOT trivial.

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We nead the following in the new version:

1: Containers or Tents in the mission editor so we can create HQ's etc.

2: mortar teams as support for the infantry.

3: Drivable Centurion (So we can do israeli missions)

4: Drivable T-80

5: Warrior

6: Things that we probably will never get but that you can hope for..



AMOS on CV90

"Ambush" as a tactic, so that the units stays hidden and dont open fire until enemy unit is at a preset distance.

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Yes but i would like it paired with a "hide" command so they would stay as hidden as possible.

Well, to the extent that the terrain allows, they WILL go into turret-down position if the open fire condition is not met (and if the terrain does not allow to stay hidden, then maybe it's not the greatest spot for an ambush in the first place).

To make them stay well hidden even before enemy moves into the target zone, you need to adjust the LOS bubble to a more distant point so that they do not overexpose themselves while trying to cover dead space immediately in front of their cover. Maybe you even need a two-tier approach where you have only one or two observers in the area, well dug in, who call the ambush force forward shortly before the attack.

The instruments are there, you just need to play them in the right sequence. :)

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