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Warrior (Pizzaro)


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Still playing about with the Gimp. Tried to approximate a Warrior Scheme for the Pizzaro. Again using Dejawolfs splendid template and using Wardogs BATUS scheme as a guideline to get the colours lined up. Due credit to both you guys.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

again all comments welcome. I think Im getting the hang of this skin thing now. Though the Pizz has lots of boxes hanging off it and took a couple of hours to work out what goes where.

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This is the one I run in game and is 1024, It was developed from the one I attached and the one I included in my Spanish pack. It is more detailed and better balanced than the attached one in the earlier post. If you would like to have it just say the word and I will attach this one also.




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Congo, that is a work of art !, be kind of you let me use it. Do you start your work with a template ? or use the default skin and customise it ?

A little of each depending on what I'm trying to acheive. I'll sometimes make a template with all the hardware I intend to highlight, nuts, rivets etc. And leave them as layers so they can be used on all models of the same type. When doing weathering most definitely work with layers. I guess a lot I just do by hand as I've used photoshop so much I can just do it. The best thing you can do is learn your photo-editing software,s toolbox, how to do straight lines,circles and various shapes and how to work with layers, drop shadow and such. anyway here is the file with turret top.




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