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I apologize if this has been dealt with previously (I got lost with as many postings), but is it possible to load on v.2.6 ATM teams onto APCs/lorries? I couldn't do it, but perhaps I did something wrong.



Yes, you can.

I know you can do this by:

1. Selecting a Truck / APC / IFV with troops in the Mission Editor.

2. Beside it select the team weapon you want.

3. Unload the vehicle.

4. Delete the Squad / Section that appears.

5. Load the team weapon into the now “empty” Truck / APC / IFV.

Another route (that I’m less certain of):

1. Selecting a Truck / APC / IFV with troops in the Mission Editor.

2. Unload the vehicle.

3. Change the unit type for the Squad / Section that appears to the team.

Sorry away from my SB machine at present so can’t confirm the second option.

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OK had a confirmatory look.

1. The "change type" option does not work.

2. The "unload and delete" option works but not in the Editor.

You can set things up in the Editor but you need to start the mission in order for the APC to load the "different" passengers.

It can be done pretty easily though.

When the mission starts select a vehicle from the group in question (e.g. the 5 veh PL with an additional APC and ATGM team.).

Then click on the vehicle icon that is to carry the new group and tell it to "load" (the ATGM team should appear as the only option - unless you have several teams nearby).

It takes a few seconds for them to "mount up" so as long as you start in an Assy Area or FUP you should be OK ("instant action" maybe not so much). :)

Hope that clarifies things? :)

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(without other infantry whatsoever)

That may well be your problem. :)

You need to start with a vehicle carrying passengers.

Then unload.

Then delete.

Then allocate different passengers.

So if you picked a vehicle that started off empty (an I suspect is unable to carry passengers) then you may have an issue.

Try a M113AS4 (which should have 2 x fire teams on board).

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Yes, I updated SBP recently to 2.6. Unfortunately right now I am at work --well, it is a way to call it :)-- and don't have teamspeak here. BTW, I live in the antipodes, in Montevideo, GMT -2. You will be probably busy at home, like most normal people are (not me, of course, I do not rank in that category) 30th and 31st, but I will try to coordinate something later, if you are still available. I designed a few scenarios with a lot of room for changes/improvements, and it would be nice to add a punch capability to that (so far) rather useless infantry! :diable:



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Though I am presently at work, it doesn't mean that I don't have the right tools with me. I have SBP and some free time quite often, when pics don't arrive.

Thus I am sending you the scenario I referred to previously, a modification of another one I did using US hardware and meant to be played coop (I played it with a groups of friends, including James S.

The idea is to give the infantry Co some additional AT capability, but I couldn't add the ATGM teams, as you already know.

The original scenario was created with the previous version, but I modified it and saved with v.2.6.


Flank Attack Panta Centurion.zip

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OK so you now have another Mech PL. :)

This is a five veh PL (4 x Inf, 1 with 2 x Milan posts).

To make it, I:

Create new unit on 2D map.

Unloaded on 2D map.

Deleted the two Inf fire teams associated with one veh on 2D map.

Created two Milan posts on 2D map.

Saved scenario for test.

Start sceanario and jumped to new PL in 2D map view.

Went to the 3D world.

Bottom right hand corner of the screen where the Mech PL mil symbol is (with individual vehicles below it).

Clicked on each vehicle

Right clicked and selected "load - all" for the vehicles that retained their organic Inf.

Right clicked and selected "load - unit X" and then "load - unit Y" for the vehicle with the Milan posts.

Went back to F8 to watch as all loaded up.

A variation on this is to not "unload" the whole unit in the Mission Editor 2D map but rather to divide the unit until you have the specific vehicle you want to add the specialists to. You add the specialists and then "attach to" until the unit is complete again.

The advantage of this is when you start the mission the organic Inf is already loaded and you only have to tell the specialists to load. This saves a bit of time and if you want them in a specific vehicle (for PL formations, etc.) you can.

Hope that helps? :)


Flank Attack Panta Centurion1.zip

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Actually I sent it for you to see if it is possible to do something with it, or if there is some problem inherent to the scenario, which was originally created with v.2.5

As I said I made a new PL.

I didn't try changing a PL already there.

Perhaps worse case you need to remove the "2.5 PL" and replace with a "2.6 PL" to get this feature, but I'm not saying that's a fact. :)

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