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Learning the game the hard way :)


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Thanks Sean for the links. I read them all.

I have an issue with a scenario. The PzGren Assault (Leo2A5) winter.sce battle doesn't want to come to a conclusion even when I've done everything it asks of me.

I captured the first Objective (the coords are not right by the way). Then I took Hoth (or maybe its Hoeth) and I crossed the bridge and set up camp with what meager forces I had left (one Leo, medic, FO, and XO Marder unit). I moved the forces back and forth across the bridge to be sure I did everything I thought I was supposed to do.

The other forces (AI controlled) who were suppose to advance to a phase line to complete the mission never moved past a click or two south of Hoeth (or Hoth).

I let the sce run for 24 hours ... no completion. This happened to me three times but I did not let it run 24 hours those times (including one with the Leo1).

That really tarnished the record of my good gunnery User. What did I do wrong?

Just an observation. ... and yes ... I've been playing on the easy setting. I'm cranking it up tonight to Medium.

... think I'll move on to another scenario.

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Thanks for the reply. I should have done that before I complained. I have not opened the Mission Editor or Map Editor since I got SB Pro PE. I built several scenarios in the old days of the original SB and posted a few here for download. I need to start exploring the editors but I'm just having too much fun battling in the single player scenarios for now.

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Wow, I'm getting waxed every time. I am trying to learn the game and it is maddening to have a Marder 200 yards from a BMP and hit engage and fire and it just sits there waiting to get shot. Is there anything I can do with AI vehicles to get them to shoot?

wave your hands in the air and curse some more.

failing that, make sure there are no trees or bushes inbetween the target and you.

the AI can be pretty stupid when there's a lot of foliage around.

also try and make sure the BMP is level when firing. it has terrible gun depression.

and finally make sure your gunnery score is as high as possible, since that will affect AI gunnery.

but generally, the AI can be somewhat silly when it comes to close-range engagements.

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Realistic and Hard.

Gunnery: 95%

As for ammo selection, my experience as an M1A1 gunner in the quick mission is that the TC has a unique ability to choose the round I don't need. The AI frequently picks the round I needed for the last shot rather than the next one. I always get jammed with an HE if my last target was a PC. I am being overrun by tanks and I would rather have an AP for flexibility than splash a T-72 and get destroyed by his counter fire. I prefer to kill AVLBs with HE, but the AI classifies them as tanks and makes me waste AP rounds on them. Many times, I could have done better if the AI TC gave me the opposite of what he called for... unless I miss, then the next round is usually what I need.

You shouldn't be loading a rounds after you spot the target. You battle carry based upon the coordinating instructions from the OPORD. You shoot whats in the tube. The TC's commands are done very well and follow doctrine almost to the letter. You should never try to pull a round out of a tube on an M1A1 or higher, as the AFTCAP usually pulls itself free from the compressed carbon container spilling explosives across the turret.

Secondly the AI classifies AVLB as tanks because they are tanks, same chassis, different turret.

As far as the AI goes, it can be frustrating, as there as been many times I have wanted to through my monitor out the window, especially after the AI drove an entire platoon into a river after thinking the river was a good hull down position. But in the end, and after all the simulations I have tested in a classroom setting with the purpose of facilitating the training of commanders, SB beats everything else out there, hands down. I remember watching the military version of ArmA's (it shall go unnamed) AI allow a Stryker to drive into an identified obstacle, dismount troops who low crawled in circles while a single Taliban fighter killed an entire US infantry squad. AI is the biggest problem facing all software, whether its RTS, simulation, or existing government systems but SB is clearly the leader.

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wave your hands in the air and curse some more. ...
You shouldn't be loading a rounds after you spot the target. ...

Um some reason why you guys are responding to posts from 18 months and 2 years ago respectively?

I suspect the poster has either given up or got their answer already from somewhere else by now. ;)

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Fair enough.

Just wasn't sure if you were looking at the dates before replying. :)

BTW: Did you look at the AAR?

Honestly, sometimes I forget to look at the dates. =) However, sometimes its good to revisit the old. I haven't looked at the AAR yet as work is a bit crazy of late. When I was at MCCC at Fort Benning I tried to get the US school and Aussie school to link in an exercise using SB. Unfortunately I was met with a lot of resistance because we won't be using a certain gov't FPS.

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Years later and now the M60A3 is a crewable vehicle. I imported my original M60A3 adaptation of the Hasty Defense mission and it seems to work fine, but I wonder if it would be better to edit the current version of the M1 Hasty Defense into the M60A3 just to make sure I capitalize on anything that has changed/improved over the years and/or avoid potential problems caused by importing a mission from a much older version?

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