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Finaly back alive from Afghanistan


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Will be ready to play by next friday due to stop 5 days in Cyprus.

Benne away seven months!! wife can't stand it no more hahahah!!!!

Good thing over there....did my job

bad thing............lost one guy!!! tpr Renaud he had a good carrer ahead

of him. Died with a bible on his breast pocket. We will return it to his

wife this april.

We seen it all and was overall a not bad tour!

lot of expereance for the newkids on the block

half of my guys are volounter for going back

again in the next year, so it is a good sign!!!

see you soon on SB


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thank you all, this forum is the best camaradeship i have ever seen

seya soon

steve (McDLT)


A worthy post steve, and so true about this very unique community..

Sorry to post so late, but I don't see many "new" post that catch my eye or any responce from this end that hasn't been asked and answered 100+ times.. lol

Welcome back and thanks for what you and all the others are fighting for..

Many a great battles with ya and against ya, but ya always showed class in the victories and the same in some of the loses.. Hurry back to putting steel on target and spread more of that class-act around as I will never forget all the good times on the same team with ya, and on the teams against ya.. Just great battles.

My best to ya,


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