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Not bad condition for 70 odd years.


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Well, the description says:

"As a result of a successful search expedition of the Club "Rear Guard" in April 2002 in the Pskov region in the town of Velikie Luki, a German self-propelled artillery StuG-40 was found and raised.

For all of our videos of retrievals and restoration techniques, tanks and artillery pieces from World War II, please visit http://arergard.com"

That's amazing by the way, good find! Thanks for sharing.

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There is another vid like that one about pulling a Tiger out of a bog somewhere in Russia, it was a lake in the middle of a forest.

In Scotland a friend pulled a Merlin engine out of a peatbog, it was off a Hurricane which colided with a Spitfire doing dissimillar aircombat. The Spit managed to get back to Castletown airfield and land but the poor old Hurrie augered it's self into the ground.

The pilot was still alive when they pulled the engine out and he came over from Norway to see the remnants of his old aircraft. The engine was like the day it came out of the factory only it was very slightly bent, it screwed it's self 10m deep into the peatbog until it hit bedrock.

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Had a look on Google earth but you cannot see the impact crater, it is covered in trees now.

Not too far away a Short Sunderland crashed into the hillside and left a mark, looking on Google Earth you can still see the scar today. Talking with locals they said the hill burned for days after the impact. My friends and I went for a look and found the crash site, it is part of a bigger tale of looking for 3 crashed aircraft in a small area and only finding this one due to fog. The top of the hill is covered in small droplets of aluminium and there are loads of .303 ammo some cooked off, some still live.

Short Sunderland 70 years on, crashed 1942.


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