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Scenario proposal: "Ambush at Malinava"

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I´m not on the Pro PE train yet, but I recently read "Tigers in the Mud" by Otto Carius. And I thought to myself that his famous action at Malinava would make an interesting scenario for Steel Beasts. The scene was already posted here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=9402&highlight=carius

So we need a small village(maybe use google maps for reference), 23 Soviet tanks and 2 German tanks. I think Leo2A4 would make good replacements for the Tigers, and T-72/80 could make a good stand-in for the IS-2 and T-34 of 1944. Anyone up to build it?


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I think most people are not to fond of wwII scenario,s since this is a modern tank simulation. Offcourse in the editor it can be edited to resemble wwii tank warfare by disabling stabisation and laser range finder and thermal sights and stuff. But then agian it just would not be the same thing.

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