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Scania SE map Updated


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bump a bit..

Just 2 questions, how do you add the custom signs?

And is there a limited number of sign you can use? Or can you add as many as you want? (Like this way to Eric Saades house?)

It depends how you meen add, first of all you have to customize the signs. It's just to do a little work in your favourite graphic design software. I pasted in photos and added som texts.

The files you can mod is;

signs_billboard_01.dds = Big Billboards (7 billboards

signs_misc_01.dds = Small signs (24 signs, so if you want to dedicate one for Mr Saade i suppose he would be happy until someone destroys it ;) )

Download my Swedish signs

Extract them to the different sub folders in your mods folder. (See Pro PE File Paths explanation)

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