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Erratic Mouse Controller in the 3D View with the WARHOG.

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I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue with mouse emulation on the WARTHOG in the 3D views.

I’m trying to port over a feature from my CH Fighterstick to the WARTHOG, (mapping HAT1 to the mouse when in the driver’s unbuttoned position.) Thanks to Teej over at SIMHQ, I’m able to toggle the HAT between DX buttons and the mouse. However, the mouse is unusable do to erratic behavior.

You can see here on two videos the difference between the CH and WARTHOG. Both work normally in the map view, (the sensitivity on the WARTHOG is turned much lower than the CH in an attempt reduce the abnormal movements as much as possible.)

In the 3D view it’s a different story. The CH movement is little choppy, but that’s simply because the initial settings I programmed it with were adequate for my purposes. With the WARHOG, the view immediately veers to the limits of travel and stays there after the direction of input is reversed, at which point it overshoots the center.

The last video shows what appears to be the problem. I added a large delay in the command to allow me some control. I attempt to move in one direction, down 10 times. At that point I start entering up commands, but the mouse moves down ~10 more times. When it finally reverses, the pattern repeats. Only after the “buffer” of bad/old direction commands is exhausted, does the movement change direction.

While I don’t think that this is a “bug” in SteelBeasts, it does seem to be a peculiarity about how it handles mouse commands in the 3D view. If anyone familiar with the program could enlighten me on what might be causing this behavior, it would go a long way toward helping me figure out how to fix it. (Of course you could also just add button/keyboard support in the driver’s unbuttoned view and I be happy.)

The CH Fighterstick:




The WARTHOG “double output” in detail:


Thanks, to Teej for his help with T.A.R.G.E.T. on this issue:


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Just a follow-up in case someone else runs into this issue. The cause appears to be T.A.R.G.E.T.'s use of absolute mouse coordinates in the 3D views, (which apparently aren't supported?)

Thanks to Superbus, I switched to Xpadder to map the functions I need.

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Glad to hear it's sorted. How are you liking the Warthog HOTAS?

I’m happy with it. The increased resolution really seems to help, (particularly with those sub-orbital heat rounds used by the Strv 122.) I’ve done the “Big Spring-ectomy” mentioned on the Eagle.ru forum and in this video:

So it doesn’t require much effort to cross the center of the axes. The buttons are a bit stiff, (allegedly realistically), but they are crisp.

I like the simplicity of the way the base is attached, (4 x 4mm screws), so it easy to remove to make a custom mount. The throttle is a beast, and is impressive in its own right, (although mine’s been out of the box just long enough to ensure that all 28 switches work.

The one thing that kept me from buying one previously was that I could never find any seller who offered an unconditional return policy. Amazon would be my first choice, but they’re always out of stock. I just happened to hit on a reseller, that I’d previously business with for other products, that sells the WARTHOG and permits returns. For those in the US, you might want to consider http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/743173-REG/Thrustmaster_2960720_Hotas_Warthog_Flight_Stick.html

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