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Clear sky texture

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I've finally come up with a compromise for a clear blue sky texture that neither looks artificially stark blue, nor hazy, foggy, nor white washed out at high zoom levels- and works pretty well with both desert and woodland scenes. The bottom 3 shows different zoom levels viewing a distant ridge.






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Thanks gents. It might be a matter of taste, this is the same scene with one of the stock skies. At higher zoom levels, it can just look a little off- like a strange blue fog.



The compromise I use is just a more uniform blueish white, I've tried even adjusting certain levels even slightly which starts to throw it off.

That said, I'm experimenting with different other scenes, and my skies also will exhibit some of the white or blue fog effect, depending on the terrain type and visibility settings. So really, I think the skies will be very dependent on what kinds of scenes; this will be one more option to go to.

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I agree. It's subtle and I bet it varies from display to display, but to my eye your blending looks more like distant haze and less like a low lying smog.

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