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Russo-Turkish Battle T-72M1 (2.640): recommended playing

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Nice scenario:

* not too large, meaning not too much units to handle

* realistic military set-up

* good looking map

* T-72 (blue) vs M60 (red): still original to me

Allows you to play it in a non-tactical way (= keep yr platoon together = self-destruction) or in a tactical way (= apply all tricks in yr bag, and then only you will survive).

So a well crafted scenario.

End verdict: recommended playing

THX Lt George for your efforts !

-> http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2132

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The Slovenian one was trying to think of a scenario for the T-72, but I found that the possibilities with the Turks and Russians were more interesting - retro equipment mix, and a map that was dying to be used.

The Russo-Turk one is pretty much a melee with both sides feeling each other out in confusion. I do best in that scenario when I hide the tanks in the industrial factory.

Thanks for your input.

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I do best in that scenario when I hide the tanks in the industrial factory.

Here are my battleplans

1) deploy tk plt at central crossroad vic 533 475

-> eny arty hits us (yes, see the briefing) ...

-> eny tks envelop us ...

=> fail

2) divide tk plt -> take position at WP 24 - 17 - 6

+ fall back to alt pos under pressure

move infantry out of main path of attack

divide BRBM-AT plt -> WP 4 - 1

deploy FO on Hill 76

pray & focus

=> more chance for success




Russo_Turk Battle T-72M1 2_640.rar

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I agree this is a fun little scenario; I particularly like the unique terrain, Russian perspective and use of M60s as OPFOR. My plan was quite simple (see below).

I used the T-72 platoon as CT reserve and accomplished a 100 point Major Victory with minor infantry losses only. The T-72s weren't engaged in the defence but I ended up pushing them south down the eastern track in March formation in a counter-attack with no resistance encountered. It felt very Soviet!



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