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Fulda Gap revisited


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I've been working on a re-visit of the Fulda gap map, similar to what I did with the wolfsburg map. I think I made the original Fulda gap map(I can't remember). It strikes me though that it may be in the wrong place. It seems that east Germany occupies about half the map. So I was thinking about moving it (see attachment).

The Yellow black square is the existing map. The hot pink and black line is the former East west German border. (you can see the location of the Hunfeld map in there too). The yellow dot-dash square is where I was thinking of moving it to.

I thought I would run it past people here to see what the general consensus is.


Fulda Gap Alternative.rar

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How about this:






The "yellow dot dash" would seem a better fit (perhaps expanded a bit to the West to include say LICH to cover the Northern Pincer option)?

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He is also the Steel Beasts Political Correctness Officer, monitoring SB Teamspeak communications to ensure no-one uses misogynist, racist, irreverrent or homophobic language. Swearing is also frowned upon. ;)

Do I smell something?

Smells like Male Cow Pooh.


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Dark is a singular force behind many of the improvements you see (and will see) behind SB.

Assigning his remarks to a category best-left to actual trolls is impolite, and inaccurate.

Troll elsewhere.


Thanks Shot but you overplay my part. I'm just one of the cogs in the machine.

This map is still on my to-do list but I've been too busy with other things to dedicate time to it. I was also waiting to find out what Eisen's problem with it is. I have the data most of the way prepared for this I also have a Normandy map in the planning for which I have over 400,000 building shapes!!!.

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So... don´t have to start another thread for this.

For those who missed the announcement of mine at SB.org...

It´s planned to release a more detailed and bigger Fulda-Gap map with about 40x40km after testing it with SB 3.0

There will also be 4 new themes for the map (woodland, autumn, late autumn and winter)

New scenarios from Cold War period or manouvers taking place in this are are welcome then

And in order to wet your pants... a few impressions

The completed part of the map


Detailed landscape in the scenario editor east of FULDA


Comparison between reality and virtuality (town of GERSFELD)


STEINBACH (behind the mountains is the FRG/GDR border)


View over HAUNE LAKE towards MARBACH


PETERSBERG east of FULDA in the background. View from the Fulda-Rhoen Golf Club in western direction


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View towards the Downs Barracks (Home of the 1st Sqr, 11th ACR) and FULDA


US Hawk SAM site on the FINKENBERG, behind is GROSSENLUEDER


FULDA and the northern outskirts on the ASCHENBERG


German highway A7 in southern direction at WELKERS


Highway bridge of A7 at UTTRICHSHAUSEN with the highway inn (don´t know any translation for "Rasthof")


View towards the VOLKERSBERG to highway A7 exit BAD BRUECKENAU - VOLKERS and Army training site WILDFLECKEN


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