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Fulda Gap revisited

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Not shelved but on the back burner. I did a whole heap of work on my mapping program to speed up making these maps. However once I had finished writing the extended code I only had enough time to do a batch of the maps I had requests for. Now I am back doing other stuff for a while. I may get chance to do another batch around christmas time.

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Sorry DarkAngel. I thought the map in question was Hunfeld. I had forgotten about your OP and was actually starting to do my own Fulda using the new objects of 3.0 with highways complete with working overpasses. It'd be silly for me to continue my version without waiting for your version to be released. Just reviewing your preview shots I know it'll be worth the wait.

And thanks for the old Fulda Gap alt map too. I've seen a lot of game time in it.

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So... the year 2014 is almost over and there will be a new version of the Fulda Gap map available in January 2015.

There will be a completely new part west and north of BAD HERSFELD and I had the permission to include Eisenschwein´s whole HUENFELD sector map with the former FRG-GDR border.

An extraordinary big thanks to this guy and his understanding of details. Without, it simply wouldn´t have been possible to afford the integration in this short period of time.

The package will come with updated themes, which will make the area even more realistic. :shock:

Stay tuned for New Years´s Eve

(hope the pictures are shown)






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I truly appreciate the insane amount of work/enthusiasm that this will require.

My only concern is that if the map is too accurate we may well encounter usability problems with the current Infantry path finding as well as vehicle related issues (concrete dividers on highways, etc.).

Please don't interpret this as being ungrateful or undervaluing all the hard work done though.

I'll be getting my copy as soon as it comes out. :)

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Looking at my 8 year old laptop, don't think this map will run at all :(.

Of course you don't need to use the entire map for your scenario, indeed the SB Pro PE Mission Editor has a limit on how big a map you can use (20x20km²).

If you have access to the military version which can create scenarios using bigger maps, then unit density tends to have a bigger impact on performance.

For example for Rolling Thunder started with big maps and big numbers of units and had performance issues.

We tried experimenting with smaller maps but retaining the high unit count and we had no real performance improvement.

However keeping the map big and reducing the unit count fixed the issue.

"Reducing the unit count" wont necessarily mean major impacts either. Removing "spare" units from the side of the map or removing the MG fire team from each APC (when they are attacking and unlikely to dismount) for a scripted OPFOR fixes the issue with no real change from the player's point of view.

As usual, YMMV, so I'd suggest playing some missions using this map and then decide if you need ("want" or "like" is totally different) a new machine.

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Now all I need to do is all the frickin' research likly ORBATs (US & USSR) and the likely routes Glorious Soviet Liberators will take.

Any ideas on where to start?

Just quick pointer so we don't drag this thread too off topic.

In and around Fulda city: Soviet 79th GTA vs US 11th Cav and US 3rd Armor.

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