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Fulda Gap revisited

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On 8/27/2016 at 4:30 AM, DarkAngel said:

What's wrong with the one with buildings?. Its easier to change building types and remove them than it is to add that many by hand.

I have to back-pedal a bit. You were right, it's been way easier to use map 2b2 with all the buildings.


And thanks again. With the stock Fulda_alt map, it took me I think more than a month to replicate a small town (lots of eye-balling with Google Earth). With 2b2, I'm on track to do more than three per month (changing buildings, drawing patchwork of agricultural fields, plus other small touches). I can't emphasize enough, how much easier editing is when forests and road and water networks are already accurately in place.

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Hello: I am curious if this map was ever updated. As I understand it there should be towns on the Fulda map but the stock one seems to just be the terrain. It is such an iconic piece of American and Soviet confrontation I'd like to run some scenarios on it. 

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Try using the Fulda2b2.ter file.  It has plenty of buildings.  The other files in that download are to show interested people the process that the creator uses to make his maps.


There are also these versions of the Fulda map:



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