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"In Motion" Scenario

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Hi! I have made new single player scenario called "In Motion".

The concept of “In Motion” scenario is simple: get rid of all the tactical stuff and bring back pure simulation to the SB.

So I tried to make a “movie-style” mission, where the player occupies the gunner position and all that he (or she, if there any ladies playing SB :) )has to do is to aim and shoot.

You don’t have to make any tactical decisions or work with the map, just quickly find the target and destroy it.

All the routes are pre-scripted, so you don’t drive manually. Instead, you would be taken through the battlefield, guided by and driven by AI.

I know that not everybody has a time for long missions, so “In Motion” approximately lasts 30 min.

In the scenario you a playing for the T-72, participating in the large scale operation, involving offensive and defensive actions.

Scenario contains dozens of events, conditions and conditioned routes. I hope, you will find it spectacular and interesting. Please, don’t hesitate to express your opinion about the mission:)

It can be downloaded here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2216

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