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Weekly BG ANZAC meeting.

Outline Agenda:

- Discussion of general issues (while waiting for people from WA and anyone "delayed")

- Either an Australian Convoy Escort (ASLAV, Bushmaster, etc.) or

- A reconnaissance operation, again fragile ASLAV instead of robust M1's.

List of "local" times here:


If you know you can't make it, please try and let me know.

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Cheers Guys.

I'm currently looking in the area of Quality Assurance or Design Engineer.

Couple of replies, so far.

Back to it tomorrow.

The ultimate aim is to emigrate to Canada or ANZ, apparently jobs coming out the earholes, so I've heard.

Need to set aside some time to look into it.

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Because my group covers 4 Time Zones we normally do chat/fill in from 0900Z to 0930Z so people in WA (who are 2 hrs behind me) have a chance to link up before we cross the LD, (without pi**ing off the NZers who are 2hrs ahead of me). :)

SMEAC here:


If you want to "read in" prior.

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