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Munster Germany Map

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I have uploaded a heightmap and Terrain files for Munster Germany. The map is the result of a request so I would ask people not to upload edited copies of it. I have put these files up to demonstrate a new way of populating maps with buildings. Where the required data is available it is very easy to make any map to this standard. The building types may not be exactly right as it is an automated system to populate the maps. The buildings should be in the correct position and orientation to match the real world data. You can check this in Google earth / maps. Some data collation was required before I started building this map. After that though this took roughly 30 minutes from creating the heightmap to the state you see it here.

There are several versions of the terrain map in the file showing the stages of construction:-

Munster is the basic imported terrain.

Munster_1a has the road network

Munster_1b has the fence lines and walls

Munster_1c is the first pass with buildings

Munster_1c1 is the full set of buildings (about 95% of the shapefiles processed)

The files have been approved:-



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Files approved
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Well the finished version will come from the guy who requested it.

Looking forward to the final version and will grab it then. :)

This is the point at which it leaves my hands for final polishing.


"One down, X bazillion to go" I guess?

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Very good news, this new way of populating maps with buildings !

Also didn't I read something about "SB Mapper Pro levels roads" ??

Surely a a very big step forward as well.

Yeah it works to a degree with road leveling. You can see it on the Um'saad map where the main road goes up the escarpment. I am going to have a look if I can improve the routine though.

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