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Should I comeback or not? Hummmm??


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grow a pair of balls is probably the first thing you should do. nobody likes a whingebag,

who apologizes to everyone for being alive.

Nothing beats starting a reply with an insult what a good way to keep customers!!!

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that guy really needs to grow some thicker skin, or he's going to have a tough life ahead of him.

And hey, I remeber the first words I heared when I started to get into ...well, tanky stuff:

"Pfoten vom sack"(meaning: please, take your hands out of your pockets) and "Die Wand steht auch alleine"(meaning: would you kindly not lean against the wall).

So, at then end a greeting like that gives someone a more realistic feel for the game ;-)

Still I don't know if it helps getting/keeping customers 8-)

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Hello all Old and New.

I have played this simulation since STEELBEAST came out. Most offline but some trails online until end of 2006. With Steelbeast Pro PE I then went online for real. Now first I will just say to you Redemption that this crew, driving this simulation is great - Pick up the practice and join up! - If deja wants some hairy balls ;-) Get in there and give him it where his armor is at its thinnest - But learn first where that is. Above you have read a lot about how to do it. Grab that and make something of it.

What you wrote about how you feel towards the community is your truth and I listen ok. I rewind. 2006 I went online for real and not being all to wet behind my ear I found the community and the online simulation hard work rewarding. But in some scenarios online I could not get my voice heard even though I'm no one´s ill fitted buttplug. Sometimes its just how it is - What to do? You do your best. Listen to the communication and get to it, do your part. In a simulation session questions are just a pain in the ass. Save them for the "after talk" or the forum - You will get great support - Hell Yeah! Even in real life this community supports. 2006, 13th december, the house I stayed in burned down to the ground. I lost everything!!! I started over. People sent me their best and wished me well. Short of everything IrishHussar even sent me his Dongle so I could "join" again!!! Thanks again Irish! So with all this crap i´ve written you you may wonder why I´m not online........ I practice and practice and do more practice Hell we can practice together but no questions as I Lase ok!!!!

To you all. Yes some day I join a scenario but right now that new release gave me a shitload to learn - Great fun it is to C U guys and you to Redemption

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My main concern for me not to comeback and I think it would be the only one reason, is the support that I did not received from the SB community.

Well, I'm a complete newbie and I've had exactly the opposite experience ... :eek2:

I've had people falling over themselves to help me get my computer and network configured, setting up a private test server so I could access and try settings, plus volunteering to help train this old Sherman tanker in the ways of modern warfare.

Like anything else in life, I think one has to be a little proactive and reach out for help, simply because a lot of people are reluctant to impose themselves on you because they don't want to appear patronizing or condescending in their well intentioned actions. It's just human nature ... ;)

Anyway, I'd suggest you try it again and if you want to get online with another "green" rookie like me, we can share a tank and die together in this online virtual world, at least until we get better at it. :biggrin:



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