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Delay Action by ChanceBS

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Thanks ChanceBS... my kind of mission, one where I don't need to spend time over planning, or tactical knowledge I don't have, lol... just jump into different vehicles/weapon system/tanks and battle... not that those are bad missions, just not for someone with little time or knowledge.

Nice defense, delay action... with some great distant and close up battles.


Thank god for TOW systems, lol, highlights...


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Fun mission indeed. Thanks.

As Magnum's TOW team video shows, the team works unrealistic fast reloading.

Checking the mission in the editor the TOW team has one ready and 3 stowed. But "unlimited" is ticked also. Not sure if this is meant to be. If unticked you probably have to rebalance the mission. Not sure though.

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I get the feeling (without having played it) that its a feel good, "shoot 'em up" scenario.

Certainly a standard TOW post wouldn't have "unlimited" ammunition unless its meant to be a deliberate defensive position with stockpiled ammunition.

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It's a good mission, interesting to play. Glad that somebody already posted a mission featuring playable missile teams.

Few minor suggestions:

1) Add scoring and conditions for victory/defeat.

2) T62 and T55 are no match to Abrams. It's better to reinforce Red forces.

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I get the feeling (without having played it) that its a feel good, "shoot 'em up" scenario...

That was pretty much my take on the scenario also. Not a delaying action at all - just kill 'em all and let GOD sort 'em out type of action.

Every now and then when one gets the urge to just jump in and start blowin' stuff up this is the type of scenario to do it. :diable:

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Yes, the unlimited ammo for the missle teams is intentional. The mission is designed to be a "feel good" shoot em. However deployment strats are important.

Now that the missle teams are playable, I wanted a less complex mission to help train users in how to use them.

Thanks for all the feedback. Quite outstanding and a major help for future designs.

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