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Am I albe to change ammo type for Instant Action vehicles


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I think they all are password protected (good luck trying to guess it). We did this so to keep results comparable if someone starts to brag about his achievements here.

That being said, you can of course create your own IA scenarios. Create the vehicles that you want to appear in a hidden location, and do NOT connect them to the movement paths. SB will randomly select one of the "prototypes" that you made, and automatically spawn it at one of the root points of the movement path chains. So if you have a single T-80, then only T80s will get spawned. If you have three T-80s and a HIND, 75% of all spawned units will be T-80 and 25% will be HIND, etc.

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Teehee! This totally works. (Now he tells us!)

Path to put the scenario in for Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\scenarios\z_Reseved\InstAct\

Your blue vehicle is set automatically to have unlimited ammo. (Edit: not true for every vehicle. I had to set the ammo to unlimited in the scenario editor for the Eagle/Lemur.)

The scenario appears under the Instant Action menu.

Have fun!

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I have done as you said, but didn't make it.

I created a mission with one t-72m1 (blue), several other units (red), didn't connect them with any movement paths, just placed them on the map.

Used the Range map, tried to find the similar location as in the original .sce.

Suprisingly, mission started with the same message, although I have printed nothing. But after I pushed Start button it showed an Error and closed the application.

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What was the error?

The scenarios I tried all loaded fine, although there was sometimes some weird behaviour, like all red units appearing at once at the end of the route (see pic).

Edit: that was my bad, deleted the route but left the last waypoint.... (so, naturally all units gathered there) Lesson learned; check the mission before you post...

Since it's an undocumented and therefore unsupported feature, I take it as it comes...


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