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Suspension of ARRC training


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Hi all

I have purposely delayed posting this message for mainly two reasons.

Reason 1 is that, as I am not really a commanding officer I did not know what response would be correct and fitting to mark the passing of this fine unit.

Reason 2, I was waiting for anybody to jump in and give reasons for carrying on. This is after all just a game and nobody should feel they are being treated poorly, rudely or just taken advantage of.

The unit was suggested to me by KT approx 18 months ago and during this time I think we not only played the most realistic scenarios that PRO PE has ever seen but also earnt the respect of most of its regular players, for that I salute you.

I also wish to publicly state that the suspension of ARRC is a natural progression for this type of VU and does not follow any internal disputes.

If any of our members wish to link up "In Channel" in open forum games I for one would be more than willing to give it a go.

Lastly I will be reposting this message on the Steelbeast forum so that the rest of the community will know what is happening.

Mente et Manu


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