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Soviet virtual unit.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Ah so that would be what - an hour ago? :)

Hope it went well.

It did we attempted to complete Zupuli's Company scenario using the T-72

And BTR. its a hard nut to crack with soviet kit. may be next time.ha

Any way its going to be a regular Monday night meeting 2100 BST

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hehe, it was a right giggle.

We (Red) went charging at them screaming "Alla's Snakckbar!"

Actually no. We inflicted a crushing defeat on the Infidels!

And my Arty actually biffed something! YAY! :biggrin:

Killjoy had a "Smile you son of a bitch!" moment with the last Leo.

(Basically rammed the gun tube through the GPS and yanked the trigger!)

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Thanks to all who showed up.we had ten players tonight are best turn out yet.

A very enjoyable mission with some close quarter knife fights.

Its interesting to note some of are members are developing a healthy respect for the T-72

If used correctly.

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