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M1A2 TUSK pics from Iraq


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3 of the pictures are of an RPG hitting the TC storage box. We didnt know what kind of RPG it was. We were thinking it was an RPG 7. Our S-2 was thinking it might have been an RPG 29. The rocket motor was found still in the sponcen box. We gave that up to S-2 but we never followed up to see what kind of RPG it was. There are two other pics that you can see something went through the skirts and the bottom of the turret. That was an EFP type IED. I have a bunch of better pictures of that one but cant tell you for sure if the skirt and turret armor is still TS or at the minimum classified so I aint going to be the one to put it on the Internet. But its the real deal out there in the Rakk your bound to see some good stuff or armor buffs.

And to clear it up for Daskel the RPG hit was on a M1A2 v2 SEP.

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Not yet . We dont have it yet. But we got another 50 cal. On the tank. That pic of that cal 50. thats up, thats the “gunners” 50 cal ! So when we roll we are packing 2 50 cals and 2 M240s. Thats a lotof small arms fire power. Shes a bad bitch.

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Nice pics.

Surprised you would upload picks of damage though. Even if it only appears to be cosmetic.

I've put it on because if you hit google or youtube you are able to find in 10 seconds much more pics and even videos of M1's getting wacked the same way. Hopefully it doesn't endanger anyone.

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