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Saturday 7th COOP mission

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Selänpää Airfield

July 7th 2012, 0800hrs

The nightless night was full of fighting. Your comrades in arms fought heavy delaying action against the enemy mechanized brigade's spearhead south of HIGHWAY 15. The comms have been telling you about the enemy gaining more and more ground, while the Battlegroup, callsign "UKKO" has been systematically been pulled further north. Your unit has been redeploying from position to position, not taking part in the actual fighting. And that has been extremely frustrating. Taking part in stopping the enemy was what you had in mind, but here you are, at the Selänpää Airfield, kilometers from the actual fighting...

During the last three hours, the fighting has reached HIGHWAY 15 and the enemy has been pursuing the Battlegroup all the way to PIHLAJASAARI, a small settlement 8km east of your position. The enemy was able to cross TORASJOKI, as the bridge was left intact by the delaying units. Then came the orders from the BG CO...



S-2 says the enemy brigade has been succesfully been attritted south of HIGHWAY 15 and they had to commit their last fresh battalion to continue the attack on point. This battalion (BMP-2) has just reached PIHLAJASAARI with one company sized force, pursuing our BG rear guard, callsign "NYYRIKKI". The rest of the battalion is still marching south of HW 15 and should reach PIHLAJASAARI in about 30 minutes. The battalion is reinforced with an SPA Battalion (2S1) and a Tank Company (T-72M4). The battalion's mission is estimated to be either 1) to continue the attack north and seize ROAD 369 at HEINISTÖ-KÄÄPÄLÄ area or 2) to turn the axis of attack towards west and seize the NÄKKIMISTÖ crossroads east of SELÄNPÄÄ AIRFIELD. Whichever route they'll take, once they have the PIHLAJASAARI area fully under control, they can start committing follow-on forces to keep up the tempo. We believe the battalion is followed by a improvised reserve force of around company size, put together from the units that fought south of HW 15 during the night. The enemy is out of steam and if forced to stop here, it'll be days before they can mount another succesfull attack on our forces.


The BG main body has withdrawn north of ROAD 369, after the hard fighting at HIGHWAY 15. To cover the withdrawal, a small rear guard is keeping contact with the enemy. The rear guard is currently north of PIHLAJASAARI. Left in place are also 3 recon patrols, callsign "ECHO", that will report the enemy movements in the area of PIHLAJASAARI. Our SPA Battalion (2S1) has moved to their next positions to resupply, leaving one Battery to support the rear guard action and the counterattack. This battery is at HEVOSOJA. One Jäger platoon, callsign "HIPPA" is moving in the area from KÄÄPÄLÄ to infiltrate in the enemy rear and prevent enemy from reinforcing the battalion at PIHLAJASAARI.


The mission remains the same as yesterday: Delay the enemy brigade along axis HIGHWAY 15 - PIHLAJASAARI - ROAD 369, inflict maximal casualties, hold ROAD 369 at HEINISTÖ until today 12.00.

MISSION TO SUBORDINATES (still in action):

Recon platoon (E):

Report enemy movements in the PIHLAJASAARI area to BG HQ and as from now, also directly to TAPIO -company (A). Use the BMS and TAPIO's frequency for direct feed. Prepate to disengage to BG main body starting 1200 hrs.

Rearguard NYYRIKKI (B):

Maintain contact with the enemy battalion at PIHLAJASAARI, inflict casualties and hold ROAD 369 until 1200 hrs. Prepare to withdraw north to BG main body.

Jäger platoon HIPPA (F):

Attack south from KÄÄPÄLÄ to CP Väinämöinen, from where infiltrate south to the bridge area, CP Vellamo. Cut the road to PIHLAJASAARI and destroy the bridge. Hold the bridge area until 1000 hrs to support the counterattack. Prepare to withdraw back to BG main body.

Mechanized Company TAPIO (A) - YOU!!:

Starting 0800 hrs, attack to PIHLAJASAARI from the west, delay the enemy battalion at least till 1000 hrs while inflicting maximum casualties. Prepare to break contact and withdraw north through to first EXIT ZONE and then to BG main body.


The enemy battalion at PIHLAJASAARI is unable to continue to its objective and has suffered 50% casualties. The enemy brigade's attack is stopped. The bridge to PIHLAJASAARI is destroyed. Friendly forces are kept combat effective and withdraw maintaining good order to BG main body. BG is combat effective and ready to resume operations after being resupplied today-tomorrow.


TAPIO - you have the following support for this mission:

- The engineer platoon remains attached to you for the duration of this mission

- The mortar platoon is attached to you for the duration of this mission

- You have the priority of the fires for the SPA Battery

- Recce platoon will report all intel directly to your BMS on your frequency


HIPPA and NYYRIKKI will report their progress to you directly. You should be able to follow their movements with your BMS.

BG S-2 will keep you informed of the estimated enemy casualties during this mission.

Do your worst, captain!"



- You gain 10 point for each 10% of casualties (AFVs destroyed) you (and other blue forces) inflict on your enemy

- You gain extra 10 points for inflicting over 50% casualties

- You lose 1 point for each 1% of casualties in your company (TAPIO - A Coy)

- You gain 20 points for breaking contact and withdrawing to EXIT ZONE succesfully in 45 minutes after the ORDER is given. If you are given PERMISSION to withdraw, you may do so - you will be given the ORDER later in this case as well!

- Maximum points is 100

- Minimum points for victory is 50, you score major victory with 75 points or more!



Ukko's Hammer.zip


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The idea is to show up ~10 mins earlier, and at 20.00 CET people would join the session and there on Duke would take lead... But as earlier, some show up later and there is always some trouble with the server and port forwarding ;)

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Connection information:

SB Pro PE Server IP:

TS3 Server IP: (PW: kettenpolster)

For using HAMACHI VPN-tool, please follow the instructions of the attached PDF-File.

I think 19:50 is a good check in time. I try to open the server at 19:45. So everybody can check his connection.

best regards




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For this mission I recommend following skins (mods) - not only because they are cool and present nationalities involved, but these skins and the used terrain theme work together very well:


Finnish T-72M1

Finnish Leopard 2A4

Finnish infantry m/05

Finnish Fuchs (XA-180)

Finnish 2S1

Finnish CV9040B


3 colour camo:






If you wish to acquire these mods with a single click of a mouse without hoing through the downloads area trying to find them...




blue goes to: mods/textures/woodland

red goes to: mods/textures/woodland/red

inf goes to: mods/textures/camo/woodland/fi (if mods camo folder works in PE, can't remember)

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Oh and one more thing... terrain: Driving into swamps will most likely employ the poor sod playing the Wisent. Most swamps are wooded, but you recognize them on the map view by looking at all those irrigation ditch complexes running inside the forests.. The terrain is at its best in this scenario though - tanks will not get bogged in the fields like they do 362 days of the year :D

Finland and tanks, got to love it.

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just a reminder:


Connection information:

SB Pro PE Server IP:

TS3 Server IP: (PW: kettenpolster)

For using HAMACHI VPN-tool, please follow the instructions of the attached PDF-File.

I think 19:50 is a good check in time. I try to open the server at 19:45. So everybody can check his connection.

Voi voima on meidän kanssamme.

best regards


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By the look of things I will not attend today's party due to stomach problem so I can grab 6.plt if nobody have done so already.

Bad news, good news... Hope to see you there, also hope you get better =)

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