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Icon question


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There is a particular eny icon that puzzles me. It appears within the red diamond as a square box with a saggy or drooping top. Within the box appear other graphics, presumably indicating a sub category of unit. But what I really want to know is what the 'saggy top box' means in generic terms.

Just point me at the information if it appears in the manual or the wiki - but I can't find it. And it doesn't appear to be a standard RL symbol either.

Thanks in advance.

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Any chance of a screenshot?

Not necessary. I've found it in FM101-5-1 Vehicle Symbols. It's Cargo or Personnel Carrier. (Rather a general classification, but other lines etc within the box are presumably modifiers indicating a more specific function). Obviously missed it when I looked the first time.

But thank you for your proferred help. :remybussi:

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