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North Korea Invasion Realistic (from Delta)

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Delta, or anyone else who might know... tried your mission 3 times, each time I used the trigger to pick 1 player, then the tank to use, (first was the M1A1, then the Challenger, then one of the LEO's)... every time I am put into a infantry AT role, and can't move to any other position... Am I doing something wrong or a error in programming?




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The vehicles spawn in the southwest corner or close to BP1. When you first start it might be hard to see your tank that you picked. If you cannot see the platoon of tanks then the mission might be corrupted during your download. Myself and some other players online just played this mission 2 days ago and had to use the other platoons, cause we were getting our butts kicked. Just tried to redownload, if it doesnt work I will put the mission on teamspeak in the in-game blue channel or send me a PM and I can email it to you. Thanks and I apologize about the issue that you are having

Cobra 6

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