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My first skin


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Indeed, way too dark but changing the colors is fairly easy if working with layers.

All thought with this you helped me figure out what tank we had standing outside of I20 here in Umeå before someone painted it pink and then removed.

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The tank outside old I20 was a IKV 91 and not a Centurion:-) Its still there thou, just moved inside the garrison gates :)

Thanks for clearing it up. Been years since I've seen it even though I bike through once in a while, latest today.

Can't wait to get my hands on the Centurion though, I don't have many vehicles left before I got a blufor almost entirely of Finnish, Swedish and Danish schemed vehicles.

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have started to convert a M113 to a Pbv 302, they are not intierly alike but that would give you a crewable one atleast.

Nice work on the 102 man! Regarding the 302 replacement i use M113AS4 with termal as damaged. looks closer to a PBV302 then a regular M113 without a turret :)


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