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Anybody here plays Wargame: European escalation?


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I found it to be very enjoyable online.

At first I lost all the time or almost all the time but could live with the defeats and admitted the opponent to be superior in tactics then I became somewhat better and lucky and won 9 times in a row.

After that each total defeat is a painful experience thanks to a buoyed ego. You know the kind of defeat that's so bad it's like the opponent having a cakewalk. I'm mad now each time the opponent showed me a too superior tactics :decu:

Oooh but it's still a very good game for online matches. I hardly play the single player campaign anymore. Level 33 now.

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I have played it sometime ago, just the singleplayer campaigns and as such.

It's really my thing with Cold War and tanks and all so was looking forward to it when it came out, although the graphics made it look like a cheap knock off of World in Conflict which WEE was of course heavily inspired of.

I liked all the tank variants you could have and the amount of weaponry, IFV's, APC's, AA etc. The models seemed allright and the terrain was actually to my surprise quite nice, not WIC standards but still nice, especially the amount of detail.

Also liked the supply systems and the different tactics you could use.

I don't know what made me not play it more, it just got a little tiring I think, going through all the singleplayer tanks just to get some new tanks instead of always using Leo 1's. Some of the graphics when the tank fired also looked a little bit too cartoonish, with big muzzle flashes and great explosions.

I liked the great maps in the game, that was what WIC could have missed so you could create some great flanking manouvers.

But when you visit the forum it seems people always talk about which tank they want nerfed and which tank they want buffed and you know when people use these terms, they don't play to create nice NATO-Warsaw Pact scenarios, they use zerging and tanking and just wanna win, because it's kewl when you win.

I used the same terms in Counterstrike but that is supposed to be competitive, this game deserves better than this.

Wouldn't mind some more Cold War tanks in Steel Beasts like T80B(V) or T-64, Leopard 1A3 etc which this game has a lot of but currently I think I'll manage. :)

It's a nice game, maybe I have to open it again. ;)

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I hardly play the single player campaign. Mostly just multiplayer but some people today seem to play online games because they hate people. Gone are the days when people actually glad meeting or playing someone online....

So you meet dickheads now and then in this game multiplayer.

But imo multiplayer is where this game shines. I'm only level 33 but have already unlocked more units than I could care....

Tactics work in this game and work beautifully so much so defeat is not a pain as I would concede it to the opponent's superior tactic. What is painful is losing so badly as if your foces didn't matter much :biggrin:. That kind of defeat is really demoralizing hehe.

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It isn't called "Victory Disease" for no reason.

Indeed :biggrin:......hmm i need help getting rid of it.

Games are most fun when you just think you're very crappy and just want to have some fun.

The effect wouldn't be as dire if it was a simulation game rather than a strategy game though(simulations tend to put very strict limitations on what you can accomplish and what you cannot making people in the end feeling not much different from the others). In a very good strategy game however, losing can be so grand and complete and so logical that it left you feeling an inferior human being to the winner LOL. Because the game is just that good and you're just that crappy....you can't blame the game and you can't blame the opponent for winning either. That leaves it to just ... you ....

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