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Relations remain civil during this time of international conflict.

Had a visit from PincerDK (who was obviously finding it hard to sleep with the Olympics on)

Meanwhile back at the war ....

Apache continued to advance to contact East while Crazyhorse undertook vital refurbishment.

Problem was the Soviets were coming West ...

Mission End - what we thought we faced:


Mission End - what was actually there:


AAR Link:


Next Week: The Relief in Place with Big Red One (can we hold the line long enough) ????

New Internet worked well - reduced number of network errors for overseas visitors.

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Naah, Olympics are just not my thing. Which is weird since I very much like to do extreme sports such as martial arts and long-distance running.

It's only fun when Denmark beats everyone else. :biggrin:

But thank you for letting me participate.

Will probably, If I can get up at that time, participate in more BG-ANZAC sessions along with UK-armour sessions, especially since you are finishing the Brave Rifles Campaign next time.

Was fun shooting tanks with you guys.

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