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on field arty


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I can get fire missions going which have been setup in mission editor, called in via support menu.

If i have some M109s on the field though...what is the process to get them to fire at something indirectly ?


That doesn't work yet.

The "on map guns" are mainly eyecandy/placeholders and have a limited direct fire ability.

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Well you can link them to availability of fire.

For example:

If unit destroyed, artillery no longer available.

If unit in region X (representing an Artillery Manoeuvre Area or AMA) then fire available.

If unit moving between AMA 1 (a defined region) and AMA 2 (another defined region) then fire not available (to reflect the unit being "out of action" or "out of battery" - depending on where you come from).

I think you can also set it up so that artillery fire is not available unless the bty is in a AMA which is in range of the target (can't confirm this one off hand though).


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