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Smoke Bomb Mod Beta

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I hope not !

Sorry, looks more like throwing a Glass of milk to a wall to me, than smoke.

Modern smoke goes up with single sparkles and pops out then... sorry for bad english ;-)

well considering the work hes doin ,and thats all because he love the game. i think his work deserved a compliment. i am sure hes working on imporving it. its only logical.

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Well there is no reason to cry over spilled milk, unlike what he does every Weds evening after yet another defeat.

I don´t know what my behavior on Wednesdays have to do with this Thread and sorry my Godfather of Tank Gunnery and da Vinci of modding SB, I don´t want to blame you.

I hope your other cheating (uups the bad word) Projects are going on as well!

I don´t want to hijack this Thread for a discussion of Wednesdays Battles, so you please stop that too and try to learn right counting.

So if you Master of all Master gunner want a little Match against me, give my a real Tank and I will call one of my old Crews. You can take some of you General Boys and than you can give me Gunnery Training. I think the main reason for my bad Gunnery is: The most time of my service on real Tanks since 1985 I sleep ;-)

And back to Topic:

All your mods looks great, but they are mods. I don´t like the 2nd version and if you don´t like critic don´t start such a Thread, that´s it.

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It was a F in joke relax. How many times have our teams or you and I joke like this with each other after match. I am sorry for posting it and apologize.

However... to mention I am Cheating. Well I will assume you joke with me. If that is the case, we probably should not joke with each other anymore. Until we understand each others culture and sense of humor better.

You were Joking right?

Topic related:

I want your and others opinions on if the graphic looks right. I agreed with on this and scrapped Ver 1 and 2. Ver 3 is a working graphic but does not simulate what im seeing in real life Vids. I will most likely scrap the project for that reason.

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