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Lost Dongle


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You can order a new copy.

I'm sorry to say it, but the fundamental problem is that a classic loss or theft cannot be verified. We re-place defective CodeMeter sticks that are being sent in - either free of charge, if the stick simply failed, or for a moderate fee for the material value of the stick plus shipping and handling if you can at least send us the itty bitty pieces that you could scoop up after accidentally smashing it with a sledge hammer (or something less violent but still destructive).

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OK thats that.........its gone. I still have the disks how do I get a new updated Dongle?

The disk(s) don't matter.

All you need is the disc with 2.654 on it or a copy of the download.

A cummulative approach starting with the earliest disc and then successively installing the newer ones, is not the way to go. :)

And if its sintalled already and you have just :( lost the dongle, it doesn't matter, as soon as the dongle arrives just plug it in and use the software already installed.

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