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BG ANZAC - 08 NOV 12

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Well as last week was pretty much a "write off" I intend to just reuse the proposed agenda from then:

0900 GMT on Thursday, November 8.

Due to recent changes to daylight savings time in some parts of Australia and New Zealand this equates to:

0900 in London (who are now off BST)

1700 in Perth

1830 in Darwin

1900 EST in Brisbane

1930 in Adelaide

2000 EDT in Sydney and

2200 NZDT in Auckland


Given the varied attendance in recent weeks unsure what to put on the Agenda.

Happy to roll out, either:

The "vehicle training" scenario (with its three sub set tasks to choose from) or

Another option is the Recce screen doing an advance to contact while the OPFOR is trying to break contact and withdraw to a new main defensive position (MDP) or

If a critical mass would like to look at the first mission in the ADF campaign to to confirm what needs to be "fixed" since the software has evolved in the last 18 months or so.

If this runs, I'll update and republish the back ground story on the forum.

Having told everyone that we'd discuss options for going forward on the 15th, I'd rather not bring this forward to this earlier meeting.

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