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Begining to regain some momentum after a heap of holidays and other absences.

Five people participated tonight (including "Shadow" - a new NZ member)

Two "core" members away

So looks like 7 or so should be achievable on a ongoing basis.

Shadow had to upgrade from 2.460 (been a while since he's played) but still achieved some good kills.

Ran the "Battle Run" scenario (which I have subsequently tweaked again - post meeting) - Two tanks "up", each with a human Commander and Gunner.

Lots of "Where the $#%^$^ did that come from!" etc type comments.

Tonight's AAR:


Next week a big discussion re times, etc (the shift to Daylight Saving here has fragmented availability and if members from the West who we haven't seen for a while have "faded away" we can perhaps pick a more convenient time for those who are turning up).

Details of suggestions, etc. on the BG ANZAC site for members to read and ideally a strong turn up next week with constructive ideas.

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Yeah, it was a good session. The Battle Run certainly keeps you on your toes and helps hone TC skills. It was good to see some old faces back and a new one (a genuine Kiwi to boot!) as well. Looking forward to next week.

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