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Nope. YOu seem to have scored a double hit. Can happen if a new target spawns in close vicinity to the previous unit's location, and you happen to shoot it while both are in line with the projectile flight trajectory. Through the first vehicle, into the second.

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On 15.12.2017 at 7:41 AM, TSe419E said:

I was thinking more on the lines of my future adversaries and how good they are based on my best score on the tank range.


Which is a fear in clear contradiction to what the user's manual says. ONLY the Difficulty level determines the quality of enemy gunnery, and shifts the balance of reaction times. Your gunnery score determines the quality of gunnery of your own troops, so a better gunnery score means that things get easier for you, not harder.



All scores are (internally) capped at 100%, though.


This is merely a glitch in the display of results at the end of the gunnery range scenario.

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The Schleswig-Holstein Question -- Resolved


The Schleswig-Holstein Question  was a complex set of diplomatic and other issues arising in the 19th century from the relations of two duchies, Schleswig and Holstein to the Danish crown and to the German Confederation. The British statesman Lord Palmerston is reported to have said: “Only three people have ever really understood the Schleswig-Holstein business—the Prince Consort, who is dead—a German professor, who has gone mad—and I, who have forgotten all about it". The central question was whether the duchy of Schleswig was or was not an integral part of the dominions of the Danish crown, with which it had been associated in the Danish monarchy for centuries or whether Schleswig should, together with Holstein, become an independent part of the German Confederation. The Second Schleswig War in 1864 resolved the Schleswig–Holstein Question violently, by forcing the king of Denmark to renounce all his rights in the duchies in favour of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and King William I of Prussia.


Currently, the "Irredentia" Party gained control of the Danish Parliament and secret preparations for reacquiring Schleswig began.



Danish Armored Forces will cross the border and take back Schleswig. The main objectives will be the Towns of Husum and Schleswig. Initial resistance is expected to be light and the Armored columns are to rapidly seize the objectives and prepare for German counterattacks.



1st Brigade will advance rapidly down Highway A7 and seize Schleswig.

2nd Brigade will advance rapidly down Highway B5 and seize Husum.



The two columns advance south.



1st Brigade on the road




1/KonigLiveGarde being overun outside of Husum




1/3 Jydske Dragon being destroyed by advancing Germans





Fighting back at Husum






German Armored units assaulting Schleswig.




Husum and Schleswig recaptured by German forces.




Artillery strikes inflicted damage on German Units in Schleswig

but were unable to stem the tide.




Husum was captured with remaining infantry but Schleswig was lost.




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