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9 hours ago, Iarmor said:

Only Shot Cals saw action in the Valley of Tears (the bearded officer is Kahalani):


9 hours ago, Iarmor said:

All Magach tanks spent that war running along the yellow sand dunes of the Sinai desert

Thanks for the info Iarmor, nice pictures too. The inclusion of the M60, and a few other vehicle types like AMX13 and T62 in the scenario were 'artistic license'. :)

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12 hours ago, Bond_Villian said:


Thanks for the info Iarmor, nice pictures too. The inclusion of the M60, and a few other vehicle types like AMX13 and T62 in the scenario were 'artistic license'. :)

Actually T-62s were also present, on the opposite side of course:



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From the 1/26/18 AdHoc game







The Elgin Marbles are a collection of Classical Greek marble sculptures made under the supervision of the architect and sculptor Phidias and his assistants. They were originally part of the temple of the Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis of Athens.


In 1801, Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin obtained a firman, which was an official decree,] from the Sublime Porte, the central government of the Ottoman Empire which were then the rulers of Greece, which allowed for the shipping of the marbles from Greece. From 1801 to 1812, the Earl's agents removed about half of the surviving sculptures of the Parthenon, as well as sculptures from the Propylaea and Erechtheum. The Marbles were transported by sea to Britain. In Britain, the acquisition of the collection was supported by some while some others, such as Lord Byron, likened the Earl's actions to vandalism or looting.


Following a public debate in Parliament and the subsequent exoneration of Elgin, he sold the Marbles to the British government in 1816. They were then passed to the British Museum, where they are now on display in the purpose-built Duveen Gallery.


After gaining its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, Greece began a series of projects to restore its monuments. It has expressed its disapproval of Elgin's removal of the Marbles from the Acropolis and the Parthenon, which is regarded as one of the world's greatest cultural monuments. Greece continues to urge the return of the marbles to Greece for their unification by diplomatic and political means.





Failing to have Britain return the Elgin Marbles, Greece has planned an amphibious assault and Greek Armored Forces will land in London and take back the Elgin Marbles.




Greek Armored Forces will move amphibious PT-76 tanks and M113 APC's up the Thames River and land at the Blackfriars Bridge. Heavy Transport will bring in a  platoon of 1A5 Leopard tanks. This force will advance quickly to The British Museum and secure the objective while trucks disembarked from another transport will be loaded with the marbles. The force will then make its way back to Blackfriars Bridge and embark for Greece.


Britain will counter with the Scots Guards, who are stationed at The Wellington Barracks, London. The Scots Guards are comprised of Scimitars, Scorpions, and Warriors and infantry with anti-tank weapons.  The Scots Guards will attempt to block the return of the force with the Marbles on its way back to Blackfriars Bridge.


No artillery support will be available. The area of operations is in the City of London and there is to be no collateral damage. Rules of Engagement preclude the harming of any citizens.



Mission Completion:


Platoon 6A (Trucks) must spend 15 minutes at the British Museum (loading the marbles) and then move to Blackfriars Bridge for extraction.





The Elgin Marbles at The British Museum





The Amphibious PT-76's and M113's swimming up the Thames River





Tank Platoon landed at Blackfriars Bridge by Heavy Transport





Advancing on The Strand in Downtown London





Destroying advancing Scots Guards






Killing Scots Guards infantry assaulting the Greek positions at the Museum






Fighting at the Museum












Trucks loaded with the Elgin Marbles leaving The British Museum





Trucks driving through London on their way to the Extraction Point

Mission Successful! The Elgin Marbles are on their way back to Greece.



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Played today in the AD-HOC game:


by Connaugh



PLO attacks on Israel have been increasing since the 1981 ceasefire.



Israeli forces are to launch a three-pronged invasion of southern Lebanon in "Operation Peace for Galilee" to destroy the PLO and eject the Syrians.



Western Force is to advance up the Coastal Plain and capture Tyre, Sidon, and Beirut.


Central Force is to advance up the Lebanon Mountains, take Beaufort, Nabatya, Marjayoun, Jezzine and cut the Beirut-Damascus Highway at Ein Sofar.


Bekaa Force will advance up the eastern slopes of the Lebanon Mountains, the Bekaa Valley and the western slopes of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, capturing Hasbarya, Karoun, Rashaya, Sultan Yacoub and destroy any Syrian Armor encountered.


Three batteries of artillery (18 tubes) will be on call.


Israeli Force Composition:

Western: 1 x M60A3 platoon; 1 x Merkava  section; 1 x M113 Mech Infantry section; 1 x Merkava  Amphibious platoon.

Central:   1 x M60A3 platoon; 1 x Merkava section; 1 x M113 Mech Infantry section

Bekaa:     2 x M60A3 platoons; 2 x Merkava sections; 1 x M113 Mech Infantry section

CSS includes Repair, Medical, and Supply with each force.

Merkava tanks include troops.


Syrian Armor is comprised of T-72A and T-62 tanks.

PLO Armor is comprised of T-55A tanks.

Syrian and PLO infantry have anti-tank weapons.



Operation Peace for Galilee



Central Force advancing



Western Force advancing



Central Force destroying PLO tank near Beaufort Castle



Central Force after clearing Beaufort Castle



Western Force infantry advancing on Tyre



Bekaa Force at Hasbarya



Israeli infantry clearing village



PLO killed at Jezzine by Central Force



Amphibious Merkava platoon landed at Sidon



PLO tank killed at Sidon



Bekka Force ambushed at Sultan Yacoub



Western Force at Beirut



Beirut captured by Western Force



Mission ended with nine of twelve objectives cleared.


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