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I didn't make the map, but when editing map themes in the map editor you can set the ground cover height up to 1 meter.


For the screenshot I also set the ground cover setting to 100 in the terrain detail distance controls so the ground cover was rendered as far away as possible.

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Yeah, I only do that for screenshots I take from AARs.  I use DSR (a nVidia feature that lets you use higher resolutions than your screen natively supports) to run SB at 4k and position the camera with the graphics turned down. When I've got the shot lined up I turn everything up for the actual screenshot. Then I use GIMP to remove the camera facing in the top right corner (the ALT-H function doesn't work when viewing an AAR.) Finally I load the image in Lightroom to adust brightness, saturation, white balance, etc.

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1 hour ago, Ssnake said:

This is not necessarily a good thing for the frame rate, nor does it hide you from computer-controlled units, at least not yet.


Which, the ground height cover or the render distance?


For example, will setting a ground height cover to say 0.75m, improve frame rates compared to 1.0m?


And if so is it proportional - reducing by 25% results in a roughly 25% improvement in frame rates?


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1 hour ago, Gibsonm said:

Ah so in other words it looks nothing like the in game view? ;)

Well, yes: even at 1920x1080, playing with the terrain detail sliders set to max is a bit taxing on my old computer. As far as the editing I do goes, here's the unedited screenshots to compare to the three I posted earlier. I normally play SB with post-processing turned on, but at times it can over-expose the sky so when taking screenshots sometimes I'll take two, one with and one without post-processing to see which works better.


No post-processing:






No post-processing (the one I used in the previous post):




Post-processing enabled, with over-exposed sky:




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I guess the added occlusion can have an effect - particularly if the point of view is close to the ground. I've never tested it. But I'd expect it to be much smaller (if measurable at all) than extending the range for ground clutter (and thus inflating the number of billboards proportional to the square of the range increase).

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With my GTX 760, the 1 meter and 0.75 meter height areas in the attached test scenario max out my GPU and bog down badly when looking through the ATGM sight with the ground cover distance set to 100%. It's basically a worst case scenario of overdraw where each pixel on the screen is having to be written to thousands of times per frame due to the stacked transparent textures.


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1 hour ago, Koen said:

Indeed !

Are those in the mods already ?


If you're referring to the modded grass files, no. But the thread about them is here:



I was asked to take a look at them and offer feedback. Even though, as noted in the above thread, they might eventually become obsolete with a future major terrain update, I suggested he upload them as they are quite good and realistic -- and easily reversible if you like variety in your SB flora. But that's his call.

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