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Try going 300km per hour in a Leo1. Nothing better, especially if you aim at a river.


It made it across (and into a few dozen trees on the other side)

Do you have a video of this? I havent seen flying tanks in SB before - how do you get it up to 300 km/h? :bigsmile:

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trying to copy the name that's runnin thaa game >_>

i do the cool humvee and aslav jumps.mines is better cos it has spinner rims and candy paint and big speakers.even modded the buildings so they look like i'm in the ghetto

i got a video of the jumping aslav Greevil Clan Vacation Days!

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Well apart from the snow and the cold I had a few moments to take a few pictures...





Hi all im not a familiar site around here as ive been away for some time (taking in the scenery), but now that im here i thought i might fire up SB pro and garbed a few screen shots, hope you all like em!

speak again soon..


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