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14 hours ago, Ssnake said:

But it's sooo much more impressive if your assault is spot on without any knowledge whatsoever.

But how many good men must die for that knowledge, Ssnake? How many good men- fathers, brothers, sons... men who could have been doctors, lawyers, politicians.....


..... I change my mind send in the infantry.

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On 4/13/2021 at 12:39 AM, Scrapper_511 said:



Nevermind the tanks. Look at the nice texture on that tree trunk. ; )


One of my favorite skins (by Tacbat).


The chopper could have dropped off infantry to recon the enemy and then you could've flanked them.


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On 4/5/2021 at 2:35 AM, daskal said:

Experimenting with a sound and visual mod for a romanian TR 85 M1 Bizonul with Leopard1A5DK


if I were you daskal. id remove the white license plate number on the turret, just remember to exclude the shadow which is present under it, which is something you can see on the as1 aswell. That tank also has the numbers plate shadow present on the texture..

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Launched a modern Russian brigade against a US Infantry-hvy Company (2xM-2A2 Pltn + 1 x M-1A1 Pltn) for to see what I could do. On the front line I wound up with 1 Abrams black on ammo against 2 T-80Us. Went full ramming speed hoping to take a track out or something but he outran me... then his shot damaged my suspension. Then his buddy killed me from behind.

My section of 2 x M-2A2s in reserve stopped them .5 km short of their town objective. Not killed them, just took out their tracks or engines.

Then real life called and I had to leave.

But it was fun. Wish there was some kinda smell-o-vision so I could smell the cordite and burning metal and rubber. You know, scratch-n-sniff simulation? Can't be far off.


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Those are some awesome screenshots guys!


My latest contribution:


"Sergeant! Flank these bastards around to the east and kick'em in the ass while we hold their noses here!"




In my pursuit for the perfect map(s) I've just selected 5 maps from the whole, long list, saved them into Scenarios starting with "A ..." sop they're readily available for me now. One for big plains battles, one for small town battles, one for big cities, and so on. I'll get around to some desert scenarios to save the same way soon. Anyone know which map best resembles Baghdad for a Thunder Run, or Ramadi?

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