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There was a bug that we recently fixed which could result - maybe in one shot out of 30 - in a fragment "quantum tunnelling" through the armor because of the limits of floating point calculation accuracy. With some vehicles - especially if ammunition was stored behind the impact point - this could lead to unexpected kills.


The fix for this will reduce this by roughly two orders of magnitude. It won't go away completely, but become a very rare event which, most of the time, won't have much consequences.

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6 minutes ago, Assassin 7 said:

The accuracy and small dispersion at those ranges with the T-72 is quite impressive 

Nice...at ~4.2 km I needed to bracket a bit to get the right range... So in reply I needed 4 shots to score a hit

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The medic arrived to treat the M1 Driver.




"What happened?" he asked


"This rock jumped out of nowhere and hit me!" exclaimed the M1 Driver:




"Ah I see how you might not have noticed it" responded the Medic, looking around see if there was another rock within 500m.




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So we're wrapping up an assault on a town



My wingman rolls past this BMP who at first looked dead, but is now swinging its big pew around at my wingman's grill doors.



Override- go faster! "Gunner HEAT BMP!" "SABOT loaded!"



I win the slew race, firing from the hip.







And my wingman continues on without so much as a "Thank you"... like he coulda gotten the shot over his engine deck.



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