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After finishing Team Yankee for the nth time and trying to win Antal's Armor Attacks, I decided to break open the vanilla M-1 Abrams with Pattons to fight off a company+ of T-72s and BMP-1s. What an adventure!


Loved watching T-72s taking 3, sometimes 4 hits before stopping and even then fighting back.


Tactically, I loved the challenge of being on the other side of the battle where once the enemy found my range I had to reposition or die. And having to back up and reload my main gun ammo! What a great time.


Had to retreat but my gunner and TC died when we backed into this building.



Gun barrels drop when they're dead.



Whoosh! Never saw this on a US tank before.



Pose for a selfie.



Pattons to the rescue!



Yeah, it got that close!



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21 hours ago, Ssnake said:

I cannot stress enough how much difference the choice of ammunition makes (or stepping down the caliber, in this case). It always has the potential to swing the balance of a battle.

The Russian T-72As could take punishment, but we always had 1 or 2 "warning shots" (misses) to back behind a house or into trees, count to five, and pull back out and resume engaging. The sim reps their bad targeting systems very well. The BMP-1's  ATGMs tho, were fast, 1st shot trouble.

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Attempting to flank on the opposite side of a valley on the new mission im working on and testing, got spotted and started taking HESH fire from Scorpions. What I thought was a near miss that overpressured my radio actually was an impact at a very steep angle, very lucky to have survived.

This is right after a tree saved me. So maybe that very successful flank was a bit of dumb luck too.




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