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We love screenshots


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Great to see you're flying in the tank ammunition and ration-packs too, Jantog :)

I used to love FS2K2 - but I don't think my rig is strong enough for FS-X...

I also don't have time for 2 hour flights like I did when I was at uni...but that's another story ;)

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Talk about death from above.

KT, nice job on the LAV. That skin almost makes it look like a Canadian LAV.

Yeah, I believe that is the Tow-2B which is designed to fly over the target and then explode the warhead downwards. It is a pretty cool and fun missile to use in SBPE. I actually just found out about it myself a couple weeks back.

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Hi all

I just came across this thread on The British Army Rumour web page.


Im not really bothered about what they have to say but could anyone enlighten me as to where or what program the screen shots of the Challenger 2 and the Scimitar have been taken from??


Operation Flash Point with British Addons (the addons are free downloads)

good infantry game, but vehicleveise its pure crap.

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Hi Charlie

yeh I saw your post I did not have any problems with that. My question was answered by KT, the way the posts in that thread run it could be taken by the layman that all the Screenshots are from Steelbeasts. I might add that I have no intention of playing Armed Assault or Operation Flashpoint however credit must be given to the graphics being employed as the CR2 and Scimitar models are the best that I have seen sofar.


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I would have to agree. The detail is straight from OP Telic 1. All they require is a more realistic Skin to give them that authentic look. May be a good source for the Yellow KT is after.

I seem to recall that FP and AA are more of a gamers game without the complexity of SB; not that I want to get that argument started here aswell!!!

The focus of the discussion on ARRSE however seems to be how you can ride a bike with te stand down!!!

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