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That is ******* cool! Also, I have not looked yet at the helicopters in game but I don't remember the old version showing weapons hanging from the pylons...I take it that is new for this version? :luxhello:

Yes it is! And you defintely should check out the Apache for yourself! :thumbup:

P.S. Beautiful Tiger screeshots, Captain_Colossus, especially the first one. Is that a custom Chinese skin?

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Morning mist somewhere in Adur valley, engines reving up in the background and sound of door and hatches slaming as Soldiers and tankers prepare to move out

You'll be facing an extremely spikey and fanatically determined Hedgehog there. :gun:

You have been warned. :)

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This one is horribly painted.... But a bunch of high-schoolers restored this M-60 to its semi-former glory.

Not so horrible.

The very 1st M60-A1 I was assigned to in Germany looked just like that. Dirtier and weather beaten but same paint scheme. It wasn't until mid '72 or so that we started painting our tanks with a camo scheme.

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