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No its necessary for the person posting to scale the image before posting it.

Service like Flickr! (and I guess others) let you specify the dimensions of the image and provide a link accordingly.

That way your image is a suitable size and its not an issue.

Here is a link to a post where either the poster has scaled the image or the forum software has resizes it so it all comes together neatly:


Oh and BTW the links you provided in post 1672 don't work (the site claims that the image has been removed).

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After some more reading and hair pulling I fixed it.Seems,at least for me that I had to copy the direct link to the pic and paste it here.Also it doesnt work for anything above 1024x768.Is that the limit?

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I play this sim again and again. I skin and I skin. But I have to say to cruise the battlefield circa 1982 in a MERDC M1A0, shredding T-62's is just awesome!




Cold warriors unite!:gun:

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I actually felt sorry for this guy :c:

<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc212/Falconf16/SS_21_02_19_zps55a37d8b.jpg' alt='SS_21_02_19_zps55a37d8b.jpg'>

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Poor guy, someone even stole his boot laces!

That's just outrageous. Stealing bootlaces would not have happened during my time!!!

We would have taken his boots...probably trousers to 8-)

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After watching the recent Call of Duty Ghosts tank video, I decided to make my own fun mission not based too much on reality.

Sorry for the ton of pictures, this turned out to be pretty fun.


The Objective, a well defended Forward operations base with many of the most modern Soviet weapons systems.


Using the UAV, and lasing T-90's to cause them to launch multispectral smoke while my M1's and Bradley's advance closer, also noticing troop movements and fortifications.


Hinds are setting up positions and dismounting troops on rooftops in a nearby town 2km from the FOB.


Bradley's release troops, some equipped with the Spike LR missile. This happened about 4km from the Foward base.


Encountering AGL fire, a Spike LR was launched at the offending troops inside a building.

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Crossing a bridge while under small arms and AGL fire.


Artillery from the FOB is engaging my advancing forces.


Using Spike to take out anti-air threats for my Apache's to close the distance.


We are outside the Foward base, still under artillery fire and occasional long range RPG shots, small arms also in abundance.

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As targets are found with the UAV, Spike teams continue to reduce the enemy threat before assaulting the Base.



Calling in multiple Airstrikes to reduce resistance.


Artillery continues to put up resistance and is eliminated when found.


The amount of small arms has decreased after the air strikes, so Blackhawk's are coming in with Rifle, and HMG teams to advance on the Base.


Anytime incoming fire is observed, Bradley and M1's engage troops holding up on multiple floors in the larger buildings.

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Troop insertion behind a small hill behind the assaulting M1's and Bradley's, more airstrikes called in to coincide with the landing and obscure enemy targeting of the Blackhawks.


One Blackhawk down, a mortar team sets up nearby to provide additional support.


Still encountering small arms and RPG teams, a few Spike LR's are used in an attempt to quiet them.


M1A2's watching the mortar team's handiwork.


More airstrikes to soften resistance while rifle teams advance and HMG teams set up to support their advance.


Apache's closing in with Hydra rockets after the airstrikes.

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30mm rounds from the Apache's are danger close as they engage a bunker while troops bypass.


Another rifle team advances cautiously past a T-80U's turret toward the front gate of the base.


Resistance is becoming lighter so Apache's gain altitude to help provide intel on enemy positions and engage pop up threats.


More hard to reach targets are engaged again with mortars.


Heads down as sporadic small arms from the buildings erupts and mortars are called in.


Rifle teams heading toward the front gate after mortars silence the enemy.

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As the sun sets, resistance also fades and Apaches overfly the Base to pick out any remaining resistance


HMG teams also advance from the opposite side the armor is assaulting the Base from.


Rifle teams and mortar crews using smoke at the front gate to advance into the compound, as seen from an Apache.


M1's moving to the gate and launching smoke to cover the advance of infantry going in.



M1 inside the compound watches the infantry advance with it's thermal imager and NVG's.

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After some short lived firefights when my troops moved into the buildings, we took the control tower and the Base!!

Bonus shots from the mission AAR:






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